Music Recorded and Uploaded

Here is a list of composers and their works for cello solo, cello duets, and cello with piano.

All pieces listed are ones I have recorded and uploaded to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Patreon (Patreon will be the place to gain access to special content).

In addition, there will be posts on my Patreon that will be more in depth. They will talk about specifics in techniques, technical challenges, and how to approach those. Visit my Patreon page and consider donating to this work.

Georg Goltermann (1824-1898)

Sechs Tonbilder Op. 101

  1. Gebet
  2. Elfentanz
  3. Elegie
  4. Der Kleiner Reitersmann
  5. Hexentanz
  6. Auf der Kirmess

Sechs Tonbilder Op. 129

  1. Religioso
  2. Fröhliches Spiel
  3. Traum
  4. Idylle
  5. Zum Tanze
  6. Stille Liebe

Sonatina Op. 61

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagietto
  3. Minuetto. Allegro commodo
  4. Finale. Allegro molto (not yet recorded)

Five Nocturnes (Intermediate Level)

  1. Nocturne in D Minor, Op. 43
  2. Nocturne in G Major, Op. 49
  3. Nocturne in G Major, Op. 59
  4. Nocturne in E Minor, Op.
  5. Nocturne in B Minor, Op.

Hugo Schlemüller

Aller ersten Vortragsstückchen für den Jungen Cellisten Op.54

Version 1: 20 Duets for Two Cellos (recorded)

Version 2: 20 Easy Pieces for Cello and Piano (planned for a future upload)

Band 1. Volume 1.
  1. Tonstück. Tone Piece.
  2. Tyrolienne.
  3. Weihnachtsfeier. Christmas.
  4. Jagdstück. Hunting Piece.
  5. Lied. Song.
  6. Im Waltzer-Tempo. In Walty Time. (sic)
  7. Romanze. Romance.
  8. Hans und Grete. Jack and Jill.
  9. Märchen. Fairy tale.
  10. Dorfmusik. Village Music.
  11. Feierabend. Curfew Time.
  12. Im alten Kloster. (Vortragsstudie). At the Old Monartery (sic). (Study).

Band 2. Volume 2

  1. Kinderspiel. Children’s Games.
  2. Immer vorwärts. Forward, March!
  3. Aufzug der Zwerge. Song of the Dwarfs.
  4. Wiegenliedchen. Lullaby.
  5. Erzählung. Tale.
  6. Am Spinnrad. At the Spinning-Wheel.
  7. Im Kahn. In the Boat.
  8. Ende gut, alles gut. All’s Well that Ends Well.

Albert Siklos

8 Pièces très faciles Op. 54

À la Ière position

Pour le violoncelle avec accompagnement de piano

8 Easy Pieces Op. 54

In the first position. For Cello with Piano accompaniment.

  1. Prière
  2. Satire
  3. Berceuse
  4. Romance
  5. Plainte
  6. Petite marche
  7. Barcarole
  8. Scherzo

August Nölck (1862-1928)

Four Short Pieces, Op. 115

  1. Prelude
  2. Gnomes and Elfs
  3. Menuet
  4. Dance Theme

Lied Ohne Worte, Op. 19

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