Joseph Hollman: Dutch Cellist/Composer


Saint-Saëns dedicated Cello Concerto to him.

Four Easy Pieces

  1. Berceuse
  2. Air de Ballet
  3. Pourquoi?
  4. Tempo di Mazurka

Recording done. Video in editing process now. Hope to post it this week yet.

The above set of four pieces are set to be quite playable for a student of at about three years into studies. They are simple is some ways but offer some great rhythmic creativity that require excellent counting.

He wrote a number of other collections that are much more difficult but not less graceful. It is my hope to get to those other works some time this year. The charm in his music is impetus enough to explore them further.

The above entry comes from “Bakers Dictionary of Musicians” 1919. He was obviously an accomplished cellist and talented (worked hard, too, no doubt). And Saint-Saëns wrote his Second Cello Concerto for Hollman! That must have been something, to have a substantial work written for him from such an established composer and performer.

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