Performance: Creating a Venue

It started well before the lockdowns and mass use of media to continue with music. Long before others were forced to find digital solutions to the lack of performances, I was already in that boat. It was about three years ago.

Said boat is the current scenario. Even though I had some experience I never used media to my advantage. I began with a smattering of uploads about two years ago. It was only after regular uploads–approximately 100 videos–and nearly 10 months, that it dawned on me. Use the Live-Stream as a concert venue. What’s more, record a full concert-length video and upload that, too.

Really, I want to accomplish two goals: 1) Play more, 2) Share unknown music that is worth learning.

Look for regular live-streams. It is refreshing and invigorating to perform again. Even though I have only MIDI accompaniment or a rough take of me playing the piano part, which in turn is used in play-back as my accompanist, it feels almost real.

By the first week of January I plan to have a 30-45 minute program of Goltermann, Noelck, Schlemueller, and Hegner.

With that, it is time to get to work on some fresh, new accompaniments for August Noelck’s Four Short Pieces, Op. 115

  1. Prelude
  2. Gnomes and Elfs
  3. Menuet
  4. Dance Theme
An excerpt from No.1 “Prelude”

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