New Music from the 19th Century

It is likely that at least some students, here and there, are learning lesser-known works. Hopefully, that number grows in the next 5-10 years.

All the composers, and many more—all available on IMSLP—that have been mentioned in previous blog posts are worth the time.

In a world where we have access to these otherwise unknown composers, why not try them out. Not just a once through and stubbornly refuse them because “it doesn’t sound like Bach or Beethoven, Schubert, or Lully”….it is therefore, no good.

Nay, play it. Let it soak in for a time. Play it again. Let it rest. Much of this music grew on me. (Some of it was an instant like as well!)

Part of the trick in the music we have grown up with is in the arrangements. Each piece is carefully thought through and transcribed/arranged to fit the level and needs of that level.

It isn’t an accident that most of the music meant for students lies neatly in the fingers. There is no happenstance of string crossing, extensions, and string crossings.

The music advocated here—in this “new” or re-discovered music—is not exactly accidental or coincidental to have certain techniques. While you will notice that it demands one to be more intimately aware of one’s technical facility, it also does not break past certain bounds either.

It takes more thoughtful preparation for much of it. Not only because we are not familiar with it but also because there are usually more technical demands.

It has been observed—after playing many dozens of these “new” pieces that the cellist/composers simply wrote more diversely within a single piece. These are, essentially, performance pieces for students.

Take the opportunity and the time to find different music. You may just discover a gem that has you telling all your friends and even performing it whenever you can.

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