Mahler’s Adagietto: 5-Cello Arrangement

Few pieces of music written in the last 100 years are as moving as the Adagietto from Mahler’s fifth symphony.

The tranquility, the serenity, the harmony, the rhythmic movement that caresses the senses; all of it together causes time to stop while simultaneously continue. Time doesn’t continue in the normal way though. It drifts along, floating about on a cloud of beauty.

This is the place where my life is. Time has ceased to carry any meaning. Yet, it moves on so rapidly that I have lost valuable time. I drift between a state of silent stupor and anxiety-filled stress.

Much of the Adagietto gives up hope of better times. Yet, it rests peacefully, blissfully unaware of the awful things it ponders.

Please take some time to listen to my own 5 cello arrangement of it on Youtube.

“Adagietto” for 5 cellos

It would be awesome to get some new subscribers to my channel.

Thank you for watching.

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