Vlog: The Beginning of a new Chapter

1. With a vlog I intend to make 2-3 videos per week.

2. My purpose is to publicly track progress in my cello playing.

3. Although I am starting with J.S. Bach and several movements from the the Suites for Solo Cello, there will be other music from different composers.

4. The motivation comes from a great lack of playing opportunities.

5. Being vulnerable is largely what musicking is all about. Without stepping out where others can cast their critical eyes on my work it is really just stagnant pond of uninteresting music. (What I have done for many years.)

6. This is also a way to finally learn how to edit movies. There will be a big learning curve.

7. I, myself, can be critical of poor quality, so have been reluctant to put myself out there. I know my shortcomings and that they glare at me. (I am sure many—if I can get readers at all—will find fault with much.)

8. Above all, I hope to overcome a great obstacle to success, that is, a crushing lack of confidence in myself.

Please visit my YouTube channel for the videos. Here’s the link:


This is me and where I am now. It is what it is. With some persistence ability and perception of self might change for the better.

If you are interested in where I got some motivation to do this project go check out ArtistWorks. I began taking some online video, Multi-Style Cello lessons. My training is in Classical music but I have been wanting to learn more about Jazz and Folk. Mike Block does a fantastic job. Click on the link below to learn more about taking online lessons (for many instruments!) at reasonable prices.

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