Begin. That word which only has any meaning if one puts real action behind the utterance. “Begin the journey.”

This is an exploration into the non-classical world and hence, multi-style playing. I will be delving into a whole new way of approaching music. It will require much detailed study and practice to achieve my desired result of fluency. To break the mold of 30 years of striving to be a Classical cellist (which has worked only in the sense that I can’t now think outside the box of tradition without getting that nagging feeling that my teachers are frowning on me and that I will never get anywhere in the orchestral world, which is what I was attempting to do for more than 15 years with little success).

At least, now, I will have some fun. Breaking free from the long self-criticisms into a musical world that I have long enjoyed from a distance, i.e. through listening. Time to take the first steps.

Stylistic Explorations:

  1. Rhythmic and Chordal Playing
  2. Bluegrass
  3. Jazz
  4. Celtic

Really big chunks but the same is true when one says they are working toward being a Classical musician. Much to broad a scope to really know what one is talking about. The general titles to each of the four sections gives you a general sense of where I am going with the explorations.